Thursday, April 30, 2009

Fountain Drops

Fountain Drops, originally uploaded by Orchid Photo.

This is the edge of a really cool water fountain outside a Dr. office I visited yesterday. Apparently I have gotten over people staring at me taking photos, because I sat down on the sidewalk and snapped away for at least 20 minutes.

I took a whole bunch of photos because I couldn't tell on the LCD if the drops were in focus. I also wanted to get some good bokeh in the background. I think this is a success :)

Purple Flower

Purple Flower, originally uploaded by Orchid Photo.

Playing with my new 50mm lens! I'm a lot more pleased with my attempts yesterday than I was on the first try.

I used Google images to try and find out the name of this flower, but I still don't know.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

"Swine Flu" Kit

"Swine Flu" Kit, originally uploaded by Orchid Photo.

Everyone in my office got this today. It's our swine flu voodoo kit! Cross your fingers, people.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Rusty Grill Texture

Rusty Grill Texture, originally uploaded by Orchid Photo.

The little camping grill gets more and more rusty and discolored the more it gets rained on.

Torn Paper Texture

Torn Paper Texture, originally uploaded by Orchid Photo.

I'm not sure I've got the color balance right on this one. Welcome your suggestions!

Grunge Metal Texture

Grunge Metal Texture, originally uploaded by Orchid Photo.

This is my favorite new texture! It's from the top of a barrel Kevin's had for years.


Tortillas, originally uploaded by Orchid Photo.

I guess I'm hungry, taking food photos!

Finger-lickin' Chicken

Finger-lickin' Chicken, originally uploaded by Orchid Photo.

Kevin called me outside to look at the chicken he was making for dinner. This is not artsy, but I like it for two reasons. One, I can remember how it smelled by looking at the photo, which is what I wanted to capture. Two, the curlicues of smoke rising up from the grill.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Creepy Stuffed Puppy

Creepy Puppy, originally uploaded by Orchid Photo.

First thing Denali chewed the plastic eyes and nose off her puppy (see my Flickr page). I thought it looked so creepy! Then it looked even creepier in black and white. Success.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Kids on Beautiful Day

Kevin, Denali and I were hoping to meet Cate and KC at Bull Creek today. It was such a beautiful day! Then we realized Kevin doesn't have two arms to control Denali, and I have a hard time when she's super excited about swimming with KC.

So we had to settle for an easy walk behind our house and down to the park. These kids were so cute, riding their bikes and splashing through the puddles.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Big Bubble!

Big Bubble!, originally uploaded by Orchid Photo.

I thought I had such a simple idea: I'll photograph bubbles! They're shiny and rainbowy, and it'll be easy. Ha!

I took so many bubble photos. I took them indoors, outdoors, floating in water, sitting on grass. This is one where it was floating in water on a clear platter. I put a black piece of paper underneath in hope of showing the colors and shine more.

I think the colors came out well, especially the reflection of the window. And I got some bokeh as well!

Friday, April 17, 2009

Yes, It's Flowers (Don't Judge Me)

Yellow with Raindrops

Petals on Rocks

I can't resist posting these photos of the flowers in my mom's long stem rose garden. They're so pretty!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Wine Glasses

Wine Glasses, originally uploaded by Orchid Photo.

These wine glasses were perfectly poised on a table, on the balcony outside Shawna's reception room in Shoreline Grill. The trees and water in the background are part of Ladybird Lake in Austin, TX.

I like the depth of focus, the distortion through the glasses and the reflection of the glasses on the tablecloth.

Peaceful Walkway

Restful Walkway, originally uploaded by Orchid Photo.

This is a beautiful walkway by the Four Seasons in Austin, next to where my friend Shawna had her wedding reception.

It caught me because of the tree leaves hanging down and shading the stairs. Nature with man-made stone and all that.

I feel like I could sit there all day.

Update 4/18 - After much discussion, Cate and I finally determined the structure in the middle is not a pagoda, portico or porch; it's a pergola!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Bus at the Basin

Bus at the Basin, originally uploaded by Orchid Photo.

Last Thursday Kevin was in a wreck, and our VW Bus was crushed. It's sitting in our driveway looking very sad.

I didn't want to post a photo of that, though. Here is the Bus in our happiest time, when we spent 11 days at Big Bend National Park. A perfect home in a gorgeous place like that.

Resting Canoes

Resting Canoes, originally uploaded by Orchid Photo.

These canoes were sitting alone, looking so nice against the blue and green background. What a beautiful day it was!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Sandals on Kayak

Sandals on Kayak, originally uploaded by Orchid Photo.

A shot of my flip flops sitting at the front of mine and Kevin's kayak. A beautiful sunny day without being too hot or windy. I love being on the water!

Heron Flying

Heron Flying, originally uploaded by Orchid Photo.

Cate, Kevin and I went kayaking on Lady Bird Lake Saturday afternoon. The weather was absolutely perfect, and we all had a great time! We're planning to go again very soon.

Cate and I took tons of photos, and I'll be posting more (at least on Flickr) as I get them edited.

I'm generally terrible at photographing anything moving, so I was pleasantly surprised I caught this heron flying away from us.

Lost Your Marbles?

Lost Your Marbles?, originally uploaded by Orchid Photo.

These adorable figurines were at a booth on First (1st) Thursday on SoCo in Austin, TX. They are so cute, and I bought a calico cat, a turtle and a skunk (for Cate).

The guy, Sid, and his wife, Debby, start with marbles and then add clay and paint. They call them "Marblies" and you can see the whole collection and how they're made at

I think this is the first time I've managed to focus on something in the foreground and have bokeh in the background! Yay!

Monday, April 6, 2009

Gypsy Jewelry

Gypsy Jewelry, originally uploaded by Orchid Photo.

The gypsy who assaulted Cate (see here) also insisted we take photos of his jewelry. This one came out rather pretty and shiny in the light.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

You're So Vain

You're So Vain, originally uploaded by Orchid Photo.

Austin has 1st Thursday every month, where the stores that are open stay open until 10:00. There are tons of booths outside with local artists, and this time there was an awesome percussion group with dancers.

This mannequin just struck me in a store window as looking so vain and self-serious. I tried to catch the weird lighting that was hitting it. Cate and I were standing outside, and I shot through the window.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Happy Reunion March 2009!!!

Happy Reunion Mar 2009!!!, originally uploaded by Orchid Photo.

My friend Jessica's been living in California for several years but finally moved back to Texas! Since I never won the lottery I only got to fly to CA twice. It's been a few years, so we're thrilled to be closer again. I got all teary-eyed when I saw her :)

I drove to Jessica's dad's house in Ft. Worth where Jessica and her husband Kris had a joint birthday party for their 2 kids, Jacob and Ella. I'll probably post a few pics from that, as well as a couple from our adventure to the Kimbell and the Modern museums.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Last Vee-dub Post

Rusty VW Icon

Blue Bus Hinge

Red & White Grill