Saturday, April 18, 2009

Big Bubble!

Big Bubble!, originally uploaded by Orchid Photo.

I thought I had such a simple idea: I'll photograph bubbles! They're shiny and rainbowy, and it'll be easy. Ha!

I took so many bubble photos. I took them indoors, outdoors, floating in water, sitting on grass. This is one where it was floating in water on a clear platter. I put a black piece of paper underneath in hope of showing the colors and shine more.

I think the colors came out well, especially the reflection of the window. And I got some bokeh as well!


  1. Told you! I like how the texture of the paper is magnified in the middle and the little rainbow window :)Also the reflection of the bubble is awesome

  2. Now, uses your photshop skills to put Kevin inside of it! Hilarity ensues!

  3. Thanks for having faith in me!

  4. Yer mom's in a bubble.

  5. that is a beautiful work :)