Wednesday, March 25, 2009

We Had a Storm!

We had a hail storm today! There was also a tornado warning. Tornado warnings I'm used to, but hail I haven't seen in awhile, maybe not since I left north Texas.

I really hope my car is ok. It didn't last very long, but it was crazy while it was going on (I know some of you think this is really weird if you live in a stormy place).

The first photo is the pile of hail that built up next to the back door. I risked life and limb, and camera, for this shot. Those dime-nickel sized suckers can hurt when they smack into your head.

The second photo is from the front door looking into our main road. There was so much hail on the road, it was amazing.


  1. It was so bad! My sister's SUV is totaled (windshield shattered, lights shattered, dents all over)! I'm just glad no one I know was hurt. The photographer in me was just so damned interested though. I couldn't stop watching it. I think I broke safety rule number one - i was standing with my nose pressed against the window...

  2. Oh no! That sucks about your sister's car. It was too dark to inspect my car this morning. I'm anxious to ask Kevin if it's ok. I know there are no broken windows at least.

    I think rule #1 is don't go outside, which I blatantly ignored :)