Monday, March 9, 2009

Parking Garage Bokeh

Parking Garage Bokeh, originally uploaded by Orchid Photo.

This is my second attempt at bokeh, so don't be too harsh please. The first attempt was miserable, and no way was I going to post any of it.

Obviously this would have been better with a tripod so I could use a lower ISO. However, I was walking to work from my car, and I don't carry a tripod everywhere.

The lights are from a parking garage on campus. The orange circles are from the lights inside the garage, and the other colors are from the outside staircase.


  1. I like this one! And I think it's sad that you're in a parking garage at work when it's still dark outside. :)

  2. It was finally getting light outside, and then the spring forward. Sigh..

  3. you can't tell it's a high ISO at all (don't give away your secrets...!!!) I wish it would rain more so we could get cool water drop bokeh. I think that's my new favorite word. Bokeh Bokeh Bokeh Bokeh

  4. this might be one of my favorites