Thursday, January 15, 2009

Happy Gas Tank 1-14-09

Obviously this isn't an artsy photo, but it does have a story:

Last night on my way home from dinner with Cate I ran out of gas. Fortunately I had taken 183 and was near an exit - a downhill exit, thank god. I turned on my flashers and prayed for a gas station on the access road. I saw one only a little farther away, but my downhill momentum didn't get me there. By the time I got to the bottom of the exit ramp I was barely moving.

Somehow I made it over to the right-hand lane without getting killed (sorry, everyone who was behind me). A nice guy had realized I was in trouble, pulled into a parking lot, jumped out and started pushing my car. I got out to help when I could, but I kept having to run to the front to steer.

After about, oh, forever pushing the car, he and I got it to the gas station. A couple had spotted us and pulled into the station. Unfortunately, there was a ramp to get up to the gas pumps. You don't realize how heavy your car is until you and 3 other adults are pushing as hard as you can, and it won't budge.

We got it up enough that it wasn't in the street, and the husband of the couple suggested buying a gas can at the next station. (The store where we were was closed, of course.) The nice guy left, and I went with the couple to get a gas can. We chatted on the way.

It turns out the couple was from Dripping Springs and had come into town to pick up their Saturn because it broke down a couple of days ago. The wife said, "Honey, the other day someone was helping you push this car, and now you're helping someone else. Isn't that funny." Thank you, karma.

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